I provide  a variety of photography workshops

One Day Mobile Street Photography Workshop and photowalk
This one day workshop is deigned to be practical and hands on . Participants on the workshop will develop knowledge and skills to :-

  • Develop composition techniques
  • Develop techniques for taking street photography
  • Editing with Apps
  • Ethics of Street Photography
  • Social media platforms to share your images

After the photo walk participants will learn post-production techniques on their own image

  • Tuning photo – Contrast – Brightness –
  • Sharpening images
  • Cropping

Photovoice Workshops

I have a background in qualitative  research and much of my work has been as the principle investigator working  in the  communities . More recently this has involved involving visuals in my work. Photovoice an established method and is designed for projects and communities that want to capture or research a particular theme (s). Photovoice is a is a participatory  qualitative method that has community participants  use photography, and stories about their photographs, to identify and represent issues of importance to them. By utilising photographs taken and selected by participants, respondents can reflect upon and explore the reasons, emotions and experiences that have guided their chosen images.

Advantages of Photovoice

  • It utilises the strengths of participants through innovative participatory photography.
  • Participants feel empowered and enriched by being involved in a creative research project.
  • Participants learn new skills which enable them to tell their stories and communicate these to each other and the wider public.
  • Photographs capture the lived experience of participants and give insight and deeper under standing about their world.
  • Visual images are a powerful communication tool, which challenges stereotypes and provides a platform for more  engaging reflection.