Photography workshops


Tim in his professional capacity  has over 20 years of delivering  classrom and workshops to various groups and communities. He brings with him his experience and passion for photography into his workshops to enable participants to gain further skills and knowledge.



At the end of the workshop you will have learnt

  • Developing composition
  • Practical tips for capturing photos
  • The best apps for editing
  • Being aware of light
  • Practical editing experience using mobile apps
  • Street photography ethics
  • One to one guidance

If your interested in a workshop please contact me 

What people have said about Tim’s mobile photgraphy workshops

Having people on the workshops who have never done anything like this and giving them the opportunity to have an overview and a go at street photography.  Lots of fantastic images as a result. 

Learning about mobile phones and photography and how to get the best from them.  I’m now sold on using my mobile at times for street photography and also other types of photography.

I will start by thanking you for such a great opportunity & the chance to get some brilliant insider tips from yourself,I certainly took a lot away from it, it took me out of my comfort zone & made me experiment a little more with different types of photography. I also have to mention that it has made me look at photographers, both amateur & pro who take candid pics of people in a new light (pun Intended!!) as it certainly is not easy to capture that special shot

It has certainly opened up my eyes to everything around me.  I’ve always had an interest in photography and absolutely love taking the simple everyday things with my Iphone.  I wouldn’t have been confident enough to snap interesting characters on the street, and I would have felt I was invading their privacy.  Now I’m thinking differently, I’m watching to snap something interesting and really enjoying watching peoples expressions and actions.

To be honest, I was sceptical with using my phone as a camera. But after a good talk by Tim and learning about the snapseed app, I’m begingt to use my phone more. If I saw something on the street and my camera, is off or in my bag, I’ll just use the phone. I’ll never replace my cameras but will be using my phone mose because of Tim’s talk. 

Before the workshop I knew a fair bit of Snapseed and a bit about the settings on my phone. However, I learnt more about them at the workshop. What I particularly found useful was your techniques for taking street photography all your tips and tricks were employed during the workshop walkabout and fair to say I captured images I wouldn’t have without your tips. Thanks again 

I have always taken pics but have never been involved in street photography and never considered my phone camera to be a serious piece of kit. Tim was very informative about how to get angles, be discreet, to use all aspects of your camera and be patient waiting for that special pic. He definitely taught me the right things