Tim Bingham is an award-winning street and documentary photographer from Killarney, Ireland. Tim’s photographs have been exhibited in a number of exhibitions within Ireland and across Europe. Tim was a finalist in the 2018 Mobile Photographer of the Year with MojoFest in conjunction with RTE. He was a finalist in 2019 Portrait of Humanity and the Portrait Category Winner in the Mobile Photography Awards. Tim was the overall winner for MIRA Mobile Award 2019. 

Tim’s work has been described as a descriptive narrative in pictures, bringing a poetic realism combining a passion for in-depth recording of people’s lives whilst at the same time demonstrating deeply empathic artistry. His humanistic photographic eye celebrates life in all of its inexhaustible diversity. Each image enchants us with its social documentary. Facial expressions seem to vary between guarded and nonchalant, in many of the images the subject appear to lock eyes with the viewer. Tim has a knack of imbuing his images with a sense of tension and unease, he has an original eye for depth and detail within urban imagery and there’s a truthfulness to his work, shining a humanising light into the dark spots of our lives today. 

Solo Exhibition
Subjective Moments, St Peter’s Cork June 2018
Subjective Moments , Bordeaux France September 2018

Overall winner MIRA Mobile Awards 2019
Category winner and 2 honourable mentions Mobile Photography Awards 2018
3 honourable mentions Mobile Photography Awards 2016
Shortlisted and honourable mention MIRA Mobile Prize 2017

Print and Interviews
‘Human connection is key’: The importance of building trust in street portrait photography
10 Amazing People Portrait s taken with a phone
Faces of Dublin – Edge of Humanity Magazine
The App Whisperer A Day in the Life 
Eye Photo Magazine May 2016
The App Whisperer
10 Amazing Smartphone Photos of Symmetry & Reflections

Gallery Zephyr — Biennial of Contemporary Photography in Mannheim, Germany 2019
Art of Street Photography, Dublin 2018
Mira Forum Gallery, Portugal 2017
Digital display Sixteen Mile Arts – Shadow Stories, Ontario 2017
MoboPhotoFest, Galway 2017
Liberties Snapped, Dublin 2017
Obscure Street – International Street Photography Exhibition, Dublin 2016
NEON X – December, Dublin 2016 Art of Street Photography, Dublin 2018

I have had an interest in Street Photography since 2013 . The less intrusive I am the better it is . I use different cameras depending in the setting I am in.

Mobile Phone and Art Flickr Group May 2016
Eye Photo Magazine May 2016
MIRA Mobile Prize 2016

Exhibited – Obscure Street – International Street Photography Exhibition Dublin 2016

NEON X Exhibition ,Dublin Dec 2016