Flash Street Photography Part 2

7th October 2017

After posting a few weeks  on Flash Photography I have had requests to write another post . As I mentioned for me I am having to learn a new way of shooting . Many of you know I have always shot candidly with very little interaction with members of the public as the majority of the time they don’t know I have taken that shot , however with a Flash it’s obvious a photo has been taken .


I shot using a 35mm F2 Fuji Lens I always feel comfortable using this lens in this environment as I didn’t feel comfortable getting too close either .  As I have previously mentioned the light was very bright so I had fun and frustration constantly changing  the settings on the camera and the flash , but I was learning in difficult conditions .

Setting up the camera, the camera needs to be fooled so I went completely manual and changed the settings to F10, ISO 200 and the shutter speed varied from 1/125 and 1/60 These photos were shot using the flash on camera. The flash helped create rich  and vibrant colour’s which would have been washed out as the sun was so bright.

One technique I always use is  to never make eye contact with the subject while they are in front me , using flash I use the same technique but I look beyond the person and focus on something behind them ignoring their eyes ,avoiding  any emotion in my face .


The  Godox X1T-F finally arrived which allowed me the freedom to shoot off camera flash. The unit itself is small and once synced up to the flash its a dream to use as this controls all the settings on the flash. I set my focus manually to between 1.5 – 2m . The shutter speed was generally 1/125 and between F.8 and F.11

Shooting off camera flash is definitely a technique that takes alot of practice , as your holding the camera in one hand and the flash in the opposite hand hence why zone focusing makes it easier . I started off practicing using a negative space .

Once I felt comfortable enough I moved out and took these shots below .


Its still a big learning experience for me . I do want to say thanks to Michelle Groskopf and Spyros Papaspyropoulos from  Street Hunters for their continued encouragement and support while I continue of this new venture of using flash