Impromptu street encounters in Bristol

17th February 2018


A couple of weeks I had the chance to go to Bristol, usually when I travel I have an idea of the type of shots I want to get , however this time is was going to be different as I didn’t plan ahead, I wanted to see where the streets were going to take me . The first day I was there I wasn’t getting the vibe I couldn’t get into it .  The second day I was there I met up with Jodie House and her mother, it was then I decided I wanted to have memories of Bristol something in me wanted more than just candid photography I wanted to engage with strangers.

Firstly meet Pete and Sid , they had been best friends since the age of 14 and lived in Bristol all of their lives


Meet Zaran, hew had been living in Bristol for most of his life. Zaran is off Irish and Scottish decent however he can trace his ancestry back to the 1700’s when one of his relations was second in command in Burma.

Meet Joy Steve, I met them while walking by the docks. They  have lived in Bristol all their lives and walk along  by  docks everyday, First of all they were naturally suspicious and after a chat with them  Steve agreed to having his photo taken . Joy wanted to make sure Steve showed off their new book for the photo and  when she decided I was ok to take her photo


We all meet people we just connect with .  The second morning I dropped into a cafe in Stokes Croft for a coffee and breakfast and sat opposite me was Sasha.

Sasha was one of those warm people who I just connected we chatted about Photography and her Jazz work . Sasha kindly allowed me to take some photos of her while we chatted.

All of these brief encounters with complete strangers left their own memories, there is a yearning to carry on this type of Photography to have these conversations hear people’s stories and to connect with others.  I have written previously about why I enjoy Street  Photography

……… on occasions its capturing a moment . Its also about the interaction with complete strangers on the street and seeing the street in a new way