MojoFest 2018 – Galway

14th June 2018

I recently spent 3 days at Mojofest in Galway, which consisted of learning and breaking boundaries, none of which would have been possible without the passion and sheer determination to make this happen by the man himself Mr Glen Mulcahy. A big thanks has to go to  National University of Galway for hosting the event and  all the loyal sponsors who have supported Glen’s vision from the beginning. The event  was skillfully hosted by David McCelland with passion and humour .

I was extremely honored to be invited to  speak at the session on Mobile Photography along side Renzo Grande, Jo BradfordJen Pollack Bianco  and Brendan O Se  who skillfully facilitated the session. Each photographer brought their own perspective from Street Photography to Travel

The 3 days were full of inspiring plenary discussions and workshops from smart film making all the way to social media influencer marketing.  One of the talks by Victoria Grech grabbed my attention as she spoke about how people are looking for conversations. Social media has changed the way we share information, however, there is a human element in all of us where we are looking for that personal connection.

The event  gave the delegates and speakers time to network and share, this is a community that is so supportive of each other.  It provided a space to meet others that have inspired me and hear about the amazing work that is going on particularly in  citizen journalism with Refugees and Asylum Seekers in various parts of the world making once what impossible, now possible.

One such lady was Rouba Abo Ammo who explained to me about how their organistion is working with Lebanese and Syrian young people, and how Mobile Journalism is allowing them to tell their own individual stories. Hearing such stories is humbling and also highlights the importance of Mojofest.

Finally I met two young ladies I have admired for a while Cielo de la Paz who won the shot on iphone 6 ad campaign, the story of the photograph and how her life has changed since is amazing.  Gisella Rojas who won the Thomson foundation award. She showed  courage, determination, and spirit in making a short documentary about The people on the “Migrant Bus” who pay all their savings to travel in hope of a safer and more secure future in the United States of America. Gisella also made a pingy promise to carry on her passion in journalism and keep in touch, I explained that my daughter says you have to lock a pingy promise

The Finale of the whole event finished off with the awards night . Where I was extremely honored to be a finalist in the Mojo Photographer of the year along side  two masters in Photography Brendan O Se  who was the winner and Sir Cam Check out Brendan’s new photo project on Hurling

I left Mojofest  having made new friends , inspired and humbled by the people I met. It’s a community that is growing and now with so many people having smartphones we can ALL become creators it doesn’t matter who we are, or where we are,the potential is limitless.

I will leave the final words to Glen.