Smartphone Photography Workshop – 10th August – Cork

30th May 2019

Smartphone Photography Workshop 10th August Cork


Are you photographer looking to learn how to capture outstanding photos?

This hands on 1 day workshop and photowalk is suitable for all levels .It will give you all the tools you need to be creative and capture incredible pictures using various apps to make your photo’s stand out just by using the phone you have in your pocket.

  • How to identify and create visually impacting and engaging photographs 
  • Making use of the natural light 
  • Practical tips for capturing photos 
  • Practical tips for allowing creativity 
  • Practical tips for editing photos 
  • Utilising mobile apps 
  • Ethics in photography and consent 
  • How to set up a photo – angles and lighting 
  • One to one guidance 
  • Identify smartphone low cost accessories that can expand your capability 

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