Thoughts and memories of 2017

1st January 2018

I have thought about what I am going to write about for 2017 and I wanted this to be about memories but also to be honest . I remember the 1st of January 2017 and I set out what I wanted to achieve in 2017 , yes I wanted to achieve more Instagram followers , I wanted to take that amazing photo that would catch peoples attention . For the first few months of 2017 I got all wrapped up in achieving more followers on Instagram that photography was loosing its enjoyment and for me I started to question why I was even taking photos. This moment was an important moment where I stopped , reflected and re framed. It gave me time out to be honest with myself, yes I always doubted my own ability . Did I fit in ? I realised that I was alone most of the time when I was out shooting and that I was getting acceptance through instagram likes. It was that moment when I made a decision not to succumb to the need of wanting more  insta followers and likes. I am always grateful when people follow me but for me there has to be a reason why I continue to take photos . I decided I was going to stick with my own style of Photography whatever that is and to continue to appreciate the streets

Looking back on 2017 now I have had some very special moments .

1st April I was invited to be part of a group for  the 24hr Photography project  in Cork with Brendan O Se. 

One of those abiding memories was when I captured this gentleman at 3am in the  morning reading and it was obvious he had been there  for a while . All sorts of questions ran through my head at that moment  and when I look back at this photo I always have new questions.

In the summer I visited Bordeaux , it was a time when the country was on high alert , I had an encounter with this lady that I will never forget 

I took this photo and she spotted me and called me over . I thought I was going to be in trouble but as I started walking over , she put her hand up as if to stop me  and removed her head scarf and stared and smiled at me as I took another photo.

Afterwards I went over and sat next to her and she asked me If I spoke Arabic , at that moment I reslised that only way to talk was  through google translate, we chatted and laughed for over an hour. Marion told me during the conversation  I was the first white person not to ever judge her and thanked me for being friendly and taking her photo. I will never forget the hug she gave me as my eyes welled up with tears of shock,sadness and overwhelming emotion of that moment.


I have never published these photographs on Instagram as they would have got lost among the others and I wanted to tell this story .

I was in London for a few days  I captured this moment , its one of those moments  that again I wont forget I observed this lady alone in the park for a while as I observed her it was quite obvious people had pre conceptions but what they were missing in the rushing about  she was observing . I wonder what she was thinking when she saw these two pigeons

I was honored to be asked to run a mobile Photography workshop for the Liberties Festival and a photo walk of the area was part of the workshop . Now I rarely take photos of Children but in this instance I saw something special  that I had never seen before. Just to clarify I did speak with the parents afterwards to ensure they were ok with the photo being used .

This Photo was taken in Dublin , I observed these two elderly gentlemen for a while, and I witnessed a very special friendship between the two of them they were completely engrossed in conversation as they walked , I reflected afterwards and I realised how lucky they both were to have such a special friendship.

As I look back on 2017 its these and many other photographs represent why I enjoy street photography, on occasions its capturing a moment . Its also about the interaction with complete strangers on the street and seeing the street in a new way 


Its also about building new friendships and being inspired by other great photographers . I am so grateful to all those people who have supported and encouraged me this year. 2018 is going to be a year where I want my photography to have more of a purpose, where I continue to build new friendships and a year I hope to fulfill what seemed  a dream of mine a few years ago.