Reflections on 2019 and Social Media

31st December 2019

I look back on 2019 with fond memories. At the beginning of the year I was in a place of frustration. I didn’t have a plan where my photography was going to take me in the year. I knew in my heart what I wanted to do but I also knew it was going to take many months for it to happen. Little did I know at the beginning of the year what was instore and would unfold. 2019 will be a year I won’t forget, yes there has been up’s and down’s, but I have been extremely lucky to have met and developed friendships with some incredible people.

The Subjective Moments Exhibition was featured in Cork Airport. This was was a venue I had always dreamed of exhibiting and now it was coming to fruition. It’s always a risk putting your wortk on display as you can never guarantee people’s reactions.

Having won the MIRA Mobile Phone Prize I was treated to 5 nights accommodation and flights in Port, where I was greeted and generously hosted by Manuela and Joao who run the Mira Gallery .

While in Porto I met some amazing people, particularly one lady by the name of Martha. I spotted her having coffee and I went over to ask if I could take her portrait. We must have spent an hour chatting and taking photos while she explained that all her tattoos were put on in the traditional Hand Poke Method.

2019 was also a year where I reached out and connected with other photographers. For example the St Pauls Festival in Bristol where a number of us connected through Instagram and ran a Street Photography Workshop.

My approach to Photography is constantly developing and evolving , that’s what makes this journey exciting . The traditional platform for exposure for Photographers were Art Galleries and Photo Books, nowadays we are inundated with images especially on Instagram. For along time I was too focused on the amount of likes and then moaned when the algorithm didn’t work and then started judging myself and my photos. Now I use it yes to publish my work but I now use it as a platform to for discovering and connecting with other photographers. I would spend a couple of hours a weeks looking at other photographers works and noticing how peoples visual language is changing. This has led to some really interesting conversations as well as Photowalks with these individuals that would not have happened if we had not connected . Most recently I met up with Eldar @eldalieee in London. We had chatted over the past 12 months over the platform and then discovered we were in London at the same time.

In December I was extremely lucky to be invited to run a Smartphone Photography Workshop on visual storytelling for refugees. For me this is where my heart is as I have as my own ethos to work is Social Inclusion. It was exciting to watch how these individuals from different countries worked together to create their own visual stories using the street.

I don’t know where 2020 is going to lead, but I am excited about up and coming projects and the people I will meet along the way.

I want to thank everyone for their support and friendship as I remember some of the individuals I have met this year.