Firstlight App Review – Tom Winters Barbers

3rd January 2020

Over the past few months I have been beta testing Firstlight on Android by the Filmmic Pro developers

I was kindly given an opportunity by Stephen Winters who runs a very popular barbers Tom Winters in North Main Street Cork to do a photoshoot using Firstlight on my Samsung S9+ . I found using the app very easy to use as it gave me control how I wanted to take the images ( click on images to enlarge)

The app allows automatic focus and exposure , however in all these shots I went over to manual which allowed me to independently adjust the focus and exposure this allowed me to capture a DoF that isn’t really avaliable on any other Android App .The ISO and shutter speed worked well and enable me to capture sudden movements .

Where the App really comes into it’s own is that any filters applied are live and I could easily swipe through them to get the image I was looking for .

I shot all the images in TIFF which maintained the filter and a high quality image. I then imported these into Lightroom CC for minor edits.

All in all I enjoyed the versatility of the App and not having to add a filter effect in the editing process. It was quick and being able to see the live images on the screen is really a bonus

  • Portrait - Stephen Winers of Tom Winters Barbers Cork
  • Steam Shave Tom Winters Barbers
  • Lorenzo Tom Winters Barbers